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Embark on a farm-to-table journey with our Locally Grain-Fed Whole Calves, a true celebration of quality and tradition from Richmond, KY, in the heart of Appalachia. Each cow is a testament to the commitment of local farmers, ensuring a premium, grain fed experience that captures the essence of Kentucky Proud and Appalachia Proud.

Rest assured, our entire process adheres to the highest standards of safety and excellence, with each cut bearing the USDA inspection seal. Expertly vacuum-packed, these calves preserve the rich, natural flavors, ready to bring the taste of our vibrant pastures straight to your home.

By choosing Eighth of Beef you're not just purchasing meat; you're supporting a proud heritage, a dedication to sustainable farming, and a direct connection to the lush landscapes of Richmond, KY. Elevate your culinary adventures with the unrivaled quality and taste that Appalachia proudly offers.

Eighth Beef - 50 - 60 lbs.


8.33 Pounds
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