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Introducing our Locally Grass-Fed Grain Finished Beef Brats, a culinary delight crafted with care from the heart of Appalachia in Richmond, KY. Sourced from the verdant pastures of Kentucky, these bratwurst represent the dedication of our local farmers to providing a premium, grain-fed beef experience.

Rest easy knowing that our bratwurst meet the highest standards of safety and quality, bearing the USDA inspection seal. Each patty is meticulously vacuum-packed, ensuring that the robust flavor and juiciness are sealed in until it reaches your kitchen.

By choosing our Beef Bratwurst, you're not just enjoying a delicious meal; you're supporting the Kentucky Proud and Appalachia Proud traditions. Perfect for grilling or pan-searing, these brats invite you to savor the authentic taste of locally sourced beef, a true testament to the natural beauty and culinary heritage of Richmond, KY. Unleash the savory goodness of Appalachia with every bite.

Beef Brats

1 Pound
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