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Embark on a journey with Simpson Livestock, where our roots extend from the tobacco fields to the thriving farmlands of Richmond, KY. Founded by the union of Andrew and Maggie Simpson in 2017, our commitment to excellence took a new form as we dedicated ourselves to raising premium commercial steers and heifers.

The winds of change swept through our farm when the world faced the challenges of COVID-19. Recognizing the evolving needs of our community, we saw an opportunity to bring our high-quality meats directly to your table. In January of 2023, we proudly initiated retail cut and bulk orders for both pork and beef, ensuring a convenient and direct connection between our farm and your home.

Simpson Livestock is more than a provider of exceptional meats; it's a celebration of our Kentucky Proud and Appalachia Proud identity. Every product from our farm in Richmond, KY, is a testament to the rich traditions, ethical practices, and unparalleled flavors of our region. Welcome to a culinary journey where each bite tells the story of our dedication, pride, and the distinct taste of Appalachia.

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